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Neobux - Making money online with ease

Hey there!

Even though the title of this blog is pretty straight forward, I'm going to tell you about my experiences with a particular Paid To Click website. That is Neobux.

I've chosen Neobux from a dozen other PTC after many months of trial and error (or mishaps). I will explain a few lines down why I did so. I'm treating this as a project on how you can make money online.

A lot of advertising can be found on the Internet, due to several and obvious reasons: hundred of millions of people use it. It's highly effecting due to it's simplicity and low-cost and the amount of possible customers.

Where advertising is involved, there is also money. Lots of it. The principle is fairly simple: Advertisers pay to get their ads shown on the Internet to random users, like you for example.

PTC programs use that principle and one more variable into that equation: you. You get paid to view advertisements you are given. There are literally hundreds of PTC websites around the Internet, but as expected, only a handful survive.

I personally tried a dozen PTC websites and most of them failed because of various reasons:
- bad management of the website, its user-base, and lack of professionalism.
- 95% of them (i.e. PTC or GPT) come with features that sound too good to be true, for example: $1 per click (task) and cash-out at $1,000. Avoid them at all cost.
- lack of support for members
- new on the block; always inform yourself (forums, FAQs, etc) when the website started to operate. New websites usually do not have a chance of surviving
- always, ALWAYS  check if it has a forum or not.

In the end I have come up across this one website that stands high up in the PTC part of the Internet.

Neobux has been online since May 2008. Neobux survived all this time due to its very good management of its resources, dedicated administration, and made it to this day paying its users and enabling advertisers to show their ads to millions of people around the world.

I have joined on September 2012, and I have been blown away in just one week by the features it has! I am able to earn roughly $20 (payments can be withdrawn into your PayPal, Payza or NETELLER accounts) per month including prizes, which is not too bad for a college student.
If you want to join, click here, but you should continue reading if you've reached this far :).

I'm going to quickly list some of them which are more important and more profitable:
  • Advertisements: you will get roughly 30 to 40 advertisements per day (as a Standard member), each one crediting your account with 0.001, 0.005, 0.01, or 0.015 dollars. Doesn't seem much, but regardless of the ad you view you will get a chance to enter the hourly draw. 120 users get $0.50 every hour. Also you get 3 AdPrize chances, which is exactly like a lottery. You can get to win various prizes in money, Neopoints, and Golden Memberships. Here is an example of some winnings:
  •  Mini-jobs: These are literally small tasks in which you are asked to provide or verify information in a document and correct them if necessary.
  • Neopoints: These points can be used instead of money to manage rented referrals (extension, recycling, replacements, etc). These points can be earned from viewing YouTube video clips or by completing tasks. 
To end this article, please note!
You will not get rich as you would dream using this website. Nobody in this world can guarantee you this!
This article was made based on my 6 months experience with this website and based on the testimony of long time members!

If you have any questions regarding this article please feel free to ask them here!

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