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Neobux: Making money online has never been easier

Welcome to my blog!

If you're reading this for the first time, allow me to say welcome! 

The main topic for this blog is earning money online. You've probably heard this before many times, but this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I'm not going to show you how to make $300 in one hour, because that's impossible. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

There are many ways of earning money online:
  • working for your company from home,
  • completing surveys and small tasks,
  • creating artistic, original content (photography, videos),
  • trusted PTC websites,
  • and so on
I have personally tried websites that provide surveys, but it's a tedious and time consuming activity given the low pay. Up until recently, I have come up to a website called Neobux. This website has been online since 2008 and it's bigger than ever.

This is called a PTC (paid to click) website. The basic principle is that you are paid to view ads provided by sponsors. These sponsors can be companies, or normal users. If you want to advertise (a website, blog, etc.), you can use Neobux to display ads and have users click on them. This is the core principle of a PTC website.

Neobux in particular, offers more than that. Despite being a PTC website, I only get 5 to 10% of my income from ads.

From Neobux, you have can earn money by:

Completing minijobs 


These minijobs generate most of my income on Neobux. Minijobs are delivered through the CrowdFlower platform. From these minijobs alone, I earn at least $100 each month, excluding bonuses (for each $1 made on CrowdFlower, Neobux awards you a 30% bonus). To those $100 earned, Neobux gives me $30 more in bonuses.

Viewing ads


Viewing ads can be worthwhile because of AdPrizes. AdPrize is a feature of Neobux that works like a lottery, except you don't have to pay money, you just have to view ads to receive 3 chances of winning. You can win money directly (into your main balance and then PayPal), Golden Membership (can greatly increase your income from minijobs and ads) and Neopoints (useful to buy or extend the Golden Membership).

This website is not going to make you rich, like I said in the beginning, but it can definitely help you. If you're willing to spend 30 minutes every evening, you can earn quite a lot using this website. It definitely helps me pay all of my bills and helped me buy a new PC to suit my gaming needs and to finance my hobbies.
Read more here if you want more information, and don't forget to visit the forums!

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